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Standard products: Comfort Information System, including the following modules:

Accounting system

Type of Application Software

Name Comfort - Accounting

Program module to serve double-entry accounting. Works under Windows XP / 7. Supported by automatic link modules WAREHOUSE CUSTOMERS and not accounted for by documents.



  • For a workstation
  • Networking to 5 workstations
  • Networking with more than 5 workstations


The main purpose of the system is facilitate the work of the accounting department in managing its finances, production, inventories, fixed assets, payment of suppliers and customers, using the system of double bookkeeping. The user is given the opportunity to construct a flexible chart of accounts structure with three levels of analytical skills, to calculate gross and net profit, interest, obligations to customers, exchange rates, term and amortization of fixed assets. All statements of printer may be transferred in the format of MS Excel and MS Word.



The system offers two ways of handling the paperwork. The first proposed to introduce documents ready primary documents such as invoices or order. The second - the user generated by the system automatically records and accounts for them and print document. Using the primary document. The main entry screen is shown below. The user can enter all the information necessary to document the type of transaction and the counterparty. VAT is calculated automatically and the system generates the necessary operations if necessary.

The system supports two methods of accounting - immediately or over time. In the latter case the user can enter documents, which will be accounted for at a later time, this can be done individually or in a package of selected documents.

The system allows the user to print on printer and viewed on screen multiple reports. Reports can be synthetic, analytical, or historical.

Information displayed or printed can be arranged in many ways. The system provides almost all functions to choose a different layout.

The use of Windows technology allows the user to see both the screen multiple reports. The module supports functions needed for budgetary organizations. User can enter paragraphs and paragraphs like the chart and then the introduction of a document in one operation to spread information on the accounts and paragraphs. There are all necessary reports for paragraphs and paragraphs. The figure above shows the interface for review and reversal of documents.

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