CRYSTEN monocrystal growth

CRYSTEN growth system is designed for research & development of monocrystals using three most popular methods - Czochralski, Kiropolus and Flux.
The wide range of setting temperatures, rotation and pulling speeds. usage of different atmospheres (oxidizing, neutral or vaccum) cover the needs for growing various crystals, differing in chemical composition and applications:

  • Tungstates used as scintillators 
  • Complex tungstates, rare earth elements alloyed, as laser media
  • Titanates, germanates and silicates for optical recording
  • The apparatus is used for research monocrystal growth (development of new monocrystal compounds) or for small scale crystal production.
    CRYSTEN is a product of many years experiance in the fields of precise machines, high-tech computer and control design, combined with the skill of monocrystal growth.

he Apparatus for monocrystal growth consists of the following basic blocks:

  1. Main frame, supporting all the necessary equipment for the crystal growthа.
  2. Control unit performing the required settings for temperature, pulling and rotation of the crystal, process timing and visualization.
  3. Uninterrupted Power Supply – monitors mains voltage and supplies the necessary power to the apparatus so that process would not be interrupted if power failure occurs.
  4. Closed circuit water cooling system with chiller, powered through the UPS system.

Basic parameters:

  • main frame dimensions                       900 x 900 x 2280 мм
  • control unit dimensions                      800 х 500 х 1600 мм
  • UPS dimensions                                   600 х 700 х 800 мм
  • UPS rated power                                                     10 kW
  • maximum power rating                                            5 kW
  • max. work temperature                                           1450 oC
  • temperature stability                                             +/- 0,1 оС
  • heating zone diam                              60 mm x height 300 mm
  • processor controlled thermoregulator
  •  crystal rotation range                           from 2 to 100 tr/min
  • rotation stability                              from +/- 0.5 tr/min at 2 tr/min
                                                             till +/-2 tr/min at 100 tr/min
  •  crystal pulling range
       * Flux method                               from 0,01 to 0,1 mm/hour
                                                            stability +/- 10 microns/hour
      * Czochralski method                     from 0,5 to 5 mm/hour
                                                            stability +/- 100 microns/hour  

example graphic example graphic

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